Life loves throwing curveballs...

Driving rains. Slippery fingers. Drops in the dirt. Spilt milk. Bounces off of bleachers. Cat scratches. Coffee splashes. Sticky fingers. Unavoidable sprinklers. Rapidly-revolving doors. Dog drool. Crowded sidewalks. Loud trains.

Hydro XTRM is built tough to triumph when and where more fragile phones fail.

Today's forecast: whatever.

Hydro can handle rain drops, splashes from passing cars, or total immersion in 3.28 feet under water for up to 30 minutes.*

*Phone meets requirements of IPx7 for immersion. Immersible for up to 30 minutes in up to 3.28 feet (1 meter) of water. Phone will not operate under water and should be dried as quickly as possible when wet. To ensure that your phone maintains waterproof capability, make sure the battery door is properly sealed.


Thumb your nose at gravity.

Dropping your phone...ugh. The only thing worse is the panic before you pick it up. With Hydro XTRM, you can grab it and keep on going.

Hydro is Military Standard 810G shock proof.

That means it's tough enough to stand up to the tumbles of your everyday.

Are You Ready For The Hydro Challenge?

Bear Grylls, adventurer, explorer, and host of NBC's Get Out Alive, put customers, and the Hydro XTRM, to the test.

Watch to see how well Hydro survives the drops, splashes and dunks...and to see if the dad did!

Hear. There. Everywhere.

Noise no longer keeps you from hearing your calls clearly. Only Kyocera offers state-of-the-art Smart Sonic Receiver technology for clearer-than-ever audio.

  • Award-winning technology transmits sound as vibrations, which are carried by body tissue directly to eardrum and inner ear.
  • Reduces background noise—so you can hear in noisy, crowded environments.
  • Same crystal-clear sound quality, no matter where phone rests on ear.

Now starring on the big screen...

The Hydro XTRM 4.0" Touchscreen is crisp and bright from any angle, making it easy to read email, texts and web content in any light.

Plus, there's plenty of room to place your favorite apps and features, so they're all just one tap away.

Speed bumps should stay on the road.

How can internet on a phone be so fast?

How can videos stream so quickly?

How can you jump from site to site without waiting?

4G LTE gives you the speed you need to connect to an entire world of data.

Say, "Extra cheese!"

Capture life's moments on the fly with a 5.0 MP camera with flash and camcorder.

  • Rotate and crop images on screen.
  • Store or transfer photos and videos easily on the memory card and share on social media.
  • Video conference or snap a shot of yourself with the 1.3MP front-facing camera.

Who says candy is bad for you?

Hydro is powered by Android™ Jelly Bean

With a 1.2 GHz processor and the latest Android software, Hydro makes navigating the Internet fast and easy.

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